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Virtue-Signaling Leftwing Hero Dan Price Accused Of Assaulting Model While She Tried To Sleep

TechVirtue-Signaling Leftwing Hero Dan Price Accused Of Assaulting Model While She Tried To Sleep

Virtue-Signaling Leftwing Hero Dan Price, the recently-resigned CEO of Gravity Payments, has courted controversy after he was accused of reportedly assaulting a woman. 

Price made headlines when he slashed his pay to $70,000 so he could increase his workers’ minimum wage, and since then, he has become a hero among the far left. Price could usually be seen parroting far-left talking points on Twitter. 

Yet according to a New York Times report, Price is probably not as nice as he would like people to think. A report on Thursday noted that his resignation from Gravity Payments came shortly after he was contacted by authorities over a rape allegation. 

Police in Palm Springs, California, had reportedly recommended that the ex-CEO face sexual assault charges on a drugged victim

Price’s alleged victim is Kacie Margis, a model and artist. Margis and Price were reportedly dating for about three months when the assault happened. According to the NYT, the incident was the culmination of a stressful night for Margis, as she was reportedly thrown out of a hotel room with barely any clothes before she ended up arguing with Price. 

The leftwing hero reportedly tried to sleep with her later, but Margis refused. Price reportedly went through with the act anyway. The model told authorities that this happened as she tried to get some sleep. But when she confronted Price about it, the ex-CEO reportedly denied the act. 

Price has so far denied the allegations, stating that he “never physically or sexually abused anyone.” He also stated that “the other accusations of inappropriate behavior towards women in this story are simply false.”

If the shoe fits, eh?

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