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Unhinged Coin Collector Dan O’Dowd Melts Down On Twitter After Tesla Sends Cease-And-Desist Letter For Fake FSD Campaign

FunnyUnhinged Coin Collector Dan O’Dowd Melts Down On Twitter After Tesla Sends Cease-And-Desist Letter For Fake FSD Campaign

Sometimes, a loser will always be a loser. And if there’s one thing that losers really hate, it’s to have it pointed out that they are indeed a loser. 

Elon Musk’s Tesla is a common target. Libs love to shit on the company and its CEO, and a lot of that is the company’s fault. It has no PR, it doesn’t pay for ads, so in a way, it’s a punching bag. Tesla can get hit, but it doesn’t hit back. 

But Dan O’Dowd was the exception. The angry coin collector and Green Hills Software CEO has been running his mouth on Twitter trying to convince people that Tesla’s FSD software would “indiscriminately mow down” children. There’s only one problem: his campaign is based on lies. 

Tons of Tesla owners proved that Dan’s tests alleging that FSD would run over a child were bullshit. Mainstream media like CNBC and The Washington Post tried to hide it of course, but Dan was caught with his pants down. And this time around, there might be consequences. 

In Dan’s recent meltdown on Twitter, he revealed that Musk is threatening to sue to him because of his anti-FSD campaign. Tesla’s cease-and-desist letter was straight to the point. Dan had to take down his lying ads and apologize

Dan’s an idiot though, so instead of backing down because he got caught lying, he told the Post that he would not be taking his ads down. Instead, he would actually be increasing his efforts and putting more money into his campaign. There’s evidently an issue with this because Dan, despite claiming to be a billionaire, is nowhere near Tesla or Musk’s level. 

In a lengthy court battle, the Green Hills CEO would most definitely lose. And if Musk sues him for all he’s worth and more, Dan would probably lose his pants in the process. 

Dan seems to be panicking for now, attacking everyone that remotely supports Tesla or Musk. Not like anyone’s taking him seriously at this point. It’s just pretty funny to see how fast he melts down.

Dan’s stupidity is showing. A lot. Tesla’s been shat on for so long by so many people, but Dan holds the record of being the one guy that can get a punching bag to hit him back. 

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