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Japanese Aquarium Shifts To Cheaper Fish to Feed Penguins And Otters Due To Inflation — Apparently, The Animals Are Not Happy

AwwsomeJapanese Aquarium Shifts To Cheaper Fish to Feed Penguins And Otters Due To Inflation — Apparently, The Animals Are Not Happy

Penguins and otters at an aquarium in Japan are on a “strike” as their staple food has been changed to a cheaper alternative due to inflation and rising prices.

Japan’s Hakone-en Aquarium, about an hour’s drive southwest of Tokyo, is home to over 32,000 animals including sharks, seals, and otters, the Daily Mail reports.

Like all business establishments, the aquarium was not saved from the economic woes that the world is currently facing.

With rising prices of food and electricity costs, the management has decided to change the fish that they gave to penguins and otters in an attempt to save money.

Hakone-en used to give aji or Japanese horse mackerel to the animals but with its price increasing by 20 to 30% back in May, the aquarium sought a cheaper alternative which was saba, or regular mackerel.

This decision to change the menu, however, was not received well, especially by the penguins and otters.

In a video, the birds can be seen turning their heads and beaks away from the fish while the staff does their best to feed the picky eaters.

The otters received the fish pretty much the same way — sniffing and dropping the cheaper meal on the floor.

Manager Daiki Shimamoto made it clear that the birds wouldn’t be forced to eat something they don’t want so it looks like the aji is back on the menu along with the saba.

The aquarium has also reduced the number of circulation pumps from two to one, which cut the electricity cost by 40 to 50%.

Shimamoto has dismissed raising the admission fee for visitors saying that it would be “the end of the story” as he wants to attract as many people to the aquarium as possible.

“We could raise the admission fee to the aquarium and fix this issue, but we would like to do our best to keep our facility a comfortable place for our guests to visit. We do not plan on raising admission prices,” he said. “All of the animals at the aquarium are family and we do our best to keep them healthy.” 

Cute and adorable for the win.


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