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A Lucky Break! Deep-in-Debt Georgia Family Moves Into A Home Depot Shed, Ends Up Selling It For $312,000

AwwsomeA Lucky Break! Deep-in-Debt Georgia Family Moves Into A Home Depot Shed, Ends Up Selling It For $312,000

A family from Georgia who was in deep financial debt found themselves selling their 2,000-square-foot home in the town of Cumming. They moved into an 860-square-foot Home Depot shed.

The owner of this tiny home, Nick Lucido, moved in with his wife, Meghan, along with their son.

“We never missed a mortgage payment. We were both just really young — young professionals. And we had two brand new cars, a brand new house, and we were just over our head in debt,” Nick told the New York Post

Nick and Meghan didn’t give up hope. In March 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple purchased an 8.46-acre plot of land for $40,000.

They had the land. Now they needed a home.

“We saw a two-story shed in the Home Depot parking lot and said ‘I think we could make that work,’” Nick said to The Post.

To pull through, however, the resourceful couple had to live in a camper van until the “shed-turned-tiny-home” was ready for use.

Screengrab: @nlucido/Instagram

In Nick’s Instagram post, he revealed that this move led them to pay off the $82,000 debt they had in nine months. Now with the shed purchased from Home Depot, the construction was underway.

Screengrab: @fitnick_/Tiktok
Screengrab: @fitnick_/Tiktok
Screengrab: @fitnick_/Tiktok
Screengrab: @fitnick_/Tiktok

After the Lucido home piqued people’s interest online, Nick decided to give a tour of the shed house, which has now reached 2 million views on Tiktok.

“If you go to any Home Depot, at least in the southeast, you go inside of their parking lot, you’ll typically see sheds … this right here is actually a tiny home, Tuff Shed from Home Depot, two stories, 860 square feet, one-bedroom, full kitchen, full living room, the porch, then, of course, we got a chicken coop back there … a deck with our above-ground pool and a trampoline for the little one, of course,” narrated Nick on his TikTok post.

Screengrab: @nlucido/Instagram

The couple eventually reached their goal of being debt-free in nine months. The good news? They were able to sell the shed in December for $312,000.

“The ability to pay off everything, move into a camper, and literally be debt-free was most the freeing experience that I think anyone can ever experience,” Nick said.

The family now lives in the new home they built from the ground up and called “The Farmhouse.” Like the first one, it started with buying a piece of land.

Congratulations to Nick and Meghan!

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