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Elon Musk Makes a Bold Statement: “Humanity Will Reach Mars In Your Lifetime”

ScienceElon Musk Makes a Bold Statement: "Humanity Will Reach Mars In Your Lifetime"

After taking an extended break from Twitter, Elon Musk is back in the social media space, and this time, he’s bringing in the big guns with his recent tweet.

“Humanity will reach Mars in your lifetime,” the SpaceX CEO said on Wednesday.

Musk has been hinting at a possible crewed mission to Mars that could happen in 2029 since March of this year.

A tweet by @ineed_spacee, an account that posts about space and astronomy, showed a photo of the moon landing dated 1969, and below is an image of a future Mars landing with the label “20_ _?”

It said, “What’s your guess” and tagged the SpaceX CEO.

Two days later, Musk replied, “2029.”

It has been Elon Musk’s dream to reach Mars.

According to Business Insider, “The tech billionaire said that his space venture SpaceX aims to build over 1,000 Starships to transport life to Mars.”

He also stated that making life multi-planetary will greatly help the ecosystems on Earth; a feat that no other species can do apart from humans.

Musk followed up his simple but significant message with inspiring words saying, “Without a common goal, humanity will fight itself.” He immediately tweeted, “Moon brought us together in ’69, Mars can do that in the future.”

The world certainly has a common goal to make Mars humanity’s next frontier. With its similar characteristics to Earth, the red planet is the most viable option for a habitable planet in the solar system.

This same reason has triggered a space race between multiple countries including the U.S., China, and entire Europe.

According to Republic World, “The European Space Agency (ESA) announced that it will land the first European astronaut on the Moon by 2030 and on Mars by 2040. It even released a roadmap detailing its plan for leveling with space powers such as the US and China in leaving a footprint on the red planet.”

“On the other hand, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) is planning to bring samples from Mars two years earlier than NASA and ESA, which have a joint sample return mission of their own. This competition is amplified by the fact that NASA Administrator Bill Nelson recently admitted that the space race between the US and China has already begun. He even accused Beijing of stealing spacecraft designs from NASA, something which made the former furious,” the report states further.

The world is in a race to reach Mars; each superpower with a different purpose. It’s becoming apparent though that only Elon Musk has the purest of intentions; the unity of mankind.

Of course, it would help if Biden’s administration stops screwing with SpaceX.

Just recently, Biden’s FAA required the space company to write a history paper on the Mexican war before granting its permission to test Starship.

That’s actually not a joke.

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