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Amazing Cat ‘Graduates’ Alongside His Mom With Degree in Emotional Support

AwwsomeAmazing Cat 'Graduates' Alongside His Mom With Degree in Emotional Support

Salem was a 7-week-old kitten with two broken legs when his human family rescued him. He was treated and he became the sassiest, most confident cat his family had ever seen, The Dodo reported.

“If you don’t wake up at 8 a.m. on the dot to feed him, he’ll sit on top of you and swat your face or pull your hair until you wake up,” Hailee Weader, Salem’s mom, told The Dodo.

“He’ll walk around the house meowing or ‘talking’ to us all and follow us everywhere, even into the shower. If we ignore him or he doesn’t like something, he’ll find the nearest plant and knock it off the windowsill or table and make a huge mess.”

Salem is very sensitive to how people feel, especially his human mom. As Salem grew up, Weader realized that even though she had saved him, Salem would save her in the end.

“If it’s been a bad day or I’m having a panic attack, he’ll come sit on me or nuzzle beside me and start kneading my legs and purring,” Weader said. “He’s definitely been a comfort through everything this past year.”

Salem became Weader’s college emotional support cat as she prepared for her senior year.

“He was kind of like a little celebrity around campus, and every time we’d be walking or I’d be pushing him in his cat stroller, people would stop us and talk or pet him for a while,” Weader said.

As with most things, Weader knew she couldn’t graduate without Salem.

He was such a big part of her college experience that she got him his own cap and gown so he could graduate with a degree in emotional support.

Due to the pandemic, Salem and his mom drove to the drive-by graduation. People couldn’t get enough of Salem’s clothes after he graduated.

“Everyone was gushing and adored his outfit all around,” Weader said. “It all worked out, and we were able to enjoy our ceremony and celebrate.”

When they first met, Weader didn’t know that Salem would help her so much. Salem is more than happy to return the favor.

We’re proud of you, Salem!

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