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The #BidenBikeChallenge Is Going Viral — And It’s Creating Absolute Internet Gold

PoliticsThe #BidenBikeChallenge Is Going Viral -- And It's Creating Absolute Internet Gold

President Joe Biden has been tripping and falling a lot lately and it’s slowly becoming a trend on social media.

One particular trippy Biden incident was when he fell off his bike in June while making a complete stop and surrounded by reporters.

People found it so hilarious that it took no less than a month for it to become a trend on social media — the #BidenBikeChallenge.

It started off in Delaware.

Now it’s everywhere.

Some are taking it to the extreme.

While some are modifying it a little. This is a variation of “Bidening” called “Sleep like Joe.”

Not gonna lie, that’s damn clever.

Like father, like son.

President Biden was also heckled as he was back at it again and riding in Delaware. The heckler said, “Hey, where your f–ing training wheels at?

Love him or hate him, “Sleepy Joe” is still giving us some laughs.

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