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Having A Bad Day? This Video Of Animals’ Love Towards Humans Is Just What You Need

AwwsomeHaving A Bad Day? This Video Of Animals' Love Towards Humans Is Just What You Need

Animals are capable of love too. It is something that is rarely seen but definitely a moment to be cherished when they express their love to humans.

In the video shared on Twitter by @TheFigen, it could clearly be seen how animals in all shapes and sizes express their gratitude and love to their owner or caretaker.

“The affinities between people and their pets are experienced as emotionally close, embodied, and ethereal and are deeply embedded in family lives.

“They are understood in terms of kinship, an idiom which indicates significant and enduring connectedness between humans and animals, and is valued because of animals’ differences from, as well as similarities to, humans,” according to a study by Nickie Charles of the University of Warwick

It is known that humans are truly capable of love, but what about animals?

According to Science Focus, “Neuroscience tells us that many animals possess the physiological attributes needed to enable them to experience love if defined as ‘feelings of strong affection for a particular individual.”

“Animals were sometimes found to be better at being family than were human animals; they were ‘more family than family’ and the emotional bond was experienced as stronger and more enduring than that with some human family members,” Charles’ study states.

The relationship between a man and an animal is truly a deep and spiritual one. It entails trust, an abandonment of biological instincts, and sometimes being illogical, that science fails to fully comprehend.

Love is truly a mystery shared by all living beings.


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