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10 Fun Optical Illusions To Mess With Your Mind

Art10 Fun Optical Illusions To Mess With Your Mind

Our brain is a very complex organ that controls our thoughts, memory, emotions, vision, and every other process that is needed to function normally and live. So it makes sense that we trust it so much.

Optical illusions mess with this trust. It tricks you into believing that what you think you see is different from what is really there.

Here are 10 fun optical illusions that will mess with your mind. Have fun!

1. Uh, is that the baby’s head?

Image Credit: @NotechAna/Twitter

2. That’s one long cat.

Image Credit: @banalplay/Twitter

3. There are 16 circles in this image. Can you find them?

Image Credit: @DrGBuckingham/Twitter

4. Four or Three?

Image Credit: @rdkardonauthor/Twitter

5. Can you find the hidden dancer? The record is 30 seconds.

Image Credit: @beautyaal_com/Twitter

6. Me when I walk home drunk.

Image Credit: @Sciencenature14/Twitter

7. This optical illusion in India is about 900 years old. Is it an elephant’s head or a cow’s?

Image Credit: @sauravnagar0404/Twitter

8. Right brain people will see a cat while left brain people will see a moose. Try zooming in or out to find out.

Image Credit: @WonderW97800751/Twitter

9. The wolf’s coming right for us!

Image Credit: ELG21/Pixabay

10. Forget the hole. That’s one huge candle.

Image Credit: CharlieYoon/Pixabay

Did your eyes hurt? It was fun tricking your mind though, right?

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