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Heartbreaking: Abandoned Dog Refuses To Leave Fire Hydrant Where He Last Saw His Cruel Owner 

AwwsomeHeartbreaking: Abandoned Dog Refuses To Leave Fire Hydrant Where He Last Saw His Cruel Owner 

It had been days since people spotted a dog beside a fire hydrant in the neighborhood. He seemed to be waiting for his owner, who was nowhere to be found.

After observing him for days, some neighbors realized that the dog had been abandoned so they made attempts at trapping him. All efforts were futile as Thunder was resilient. He really wanted to wait for his owner.

Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, was called to rescue the pup.

“He wanted to trust so badly,” Hall told The Dodo. “He wanted to get close to me, but he was just too scared.”

The dog was too frightened to acknowledge any help from anyone at that point.

He would go over across the street and look, and then go back to the fire hydrant,” according to Hall who had set up a humane trap to lure the poor dog in.

As day turned to night, the dog did not bite into the trap and was still out in the cold beside the fire hydrant.

Hall then decided to bait him with something more enticing: hotdogs.

“I drove down the street to make him think I wasn’t there anymore and when I came back, he was finally in the trap,” Hall said to The Dodo. “The hotdogs did the trick.”

The dog was at last in someone else’s care but Hall found him to be restless as he wanted to go back to the fire hydrant and wait for his owner.

“The little bit of love he got from his family, he remembered,” Hall said. “I just think he didn’t want to leave in case they came back.”

The dog, who has since been named Thunder, is now under Hall’s care until Logan’s Legacy finds a loving and loyal foster home for him. Hall noted that she named the dog Thunder because right after he was rescued, there was a horrible thunderstorm.

The abandoned pup was rescued just in the nick of time. Thunder’s life might have been at risk if he was outside when the neighborhood was hit with the strongest storm it had faced in years.

Hall told The Dodo, “Dogs who have been abandoned often have one heartbreaking thing in common, the ones who are lost will roam and roam for months. The ones who are dumped just stay there and wait.”

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