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Joe Biden Hates the “Most American Vehicles” in the United States Because uNiOnS

TrendingJoe Biden Hates the “Most American Vehicles” in the United States Because uNiOnS

Just recently, an American company powered by American labor and made with materials produced in America dominated Cars.com’s American-Made Index for vehicles. 

The index tracks how “American” vehicles are based on their assembly location, parts content, engine origins, transmission origins, and U.S. manufacturing workforce. 

Tesla absolutely dominated the list. The company only sells four cars today, and every single one took a spot in Cars.com’s Top 10 rankings. 

The Tesla Model Y crossover, which is produced in the company’s Fremont Factory and Gigafactory Texas, was ranked as the country’s No.1 Most American vehicle. 

The Model 3, its sedan sibling, was ranked No.2. Rounding out Tesla’s current lineup was the Model X and Model S, which were ranked at No.5 and No.6, respectively. 

For all intents and purposes, an accomplishment such as this at least deserves a little recognition. Maybe a shout-out. Or maybe some word of congratulations. Even a few words in a tweet would do. Tesla is dominating the EV market after all, so by extension, America is absolutely dominating the EV segment too. 

But of course, Biden is sleeping on this matter again. It’s no surprise, as Biden has shown time and time again that the only American workers he cares about are those that belong to unions. 

The tens of thousands of Americans employed by companies like Tesla? They’re not union, so they don’t seem to count according to Biden’s standards. 

Never mind that the company is an American success story — it’s not uNiOn. 

What a damn shame. 


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