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Amazing! Uber Clever Doggo Operates Rice Cooker While Owner is Away

AwwsomeAmazing! Uber Clever Doggo Operates Rice Cooker While Owner is Away

A dog in China does house chores while her owner is away. She could even turn on the rice cooker!

Lucky the husky is a part-time housekeeper when her owner is out. The doggo could flush the toilet, fetch things from cupboards, do the laundry, and even take care of her furdad when he’s sick.

One day, Zhou, the dog’s owner, took longer for his PCR test. He then gave Lucky the task of cooking rice.

Zhou used voice commands via a security camera to give instructions to his furry chef. He also modified the button of the rice cooker so Lucky could operate it much easier.

Lucky took a bit of time to press the button with her paws but hey, we ain’t complainin’. She’s just adorable in the video.

After flipping the switch, Lucky heard the words that she loved to hear, “yummy food.”

Zhou started training lucky when she was just 1 yr. old.

“Lucky can usually learn a trick in around 10 minutes,” Zhou told the South China Morning Post. “If she can’t understand my command, I will try again on another day.”

Zhou started shooting short videos with lucky 5 years ago. She has now gained a following with 1.5 million on China’s version of Tiktok. He plans to keep making videos with Lucky in the future.

“The lifespan of a dog is rather short, so I want to record these wonderful life moments with Lucky as much as I can,” Zhou said.

This husky is really great at adulting — better than some humans too!


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