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Bill Gates’ New Power Trip: Billionaire Vaccine Advocate Buys 17th Century Palazzo For $170 Million To Convert Into Lavish “Six-Star” Hotel

TechBill Gates' New Power Trip: Billionaire Vaccine Advocate Buys 17th Century Palazzo For $170 Million To Convert Into Lavish “Six-Star” Hotel

It definitely seems like Bill Gates has an eye for real estate. Not long after news emerged that his land-grabbing activities in North Dakota have been flagged by the Attorney General, reports have now emerged stating that Gates is turning a 17th-century palazzo in Rome into the city’s first-ever “six-star” hotel. 

According to a Daily Beast report, The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts group that Bill Gates controls through Cascade Investment LLC, along with billionaire Saudi investor Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud, have placed a $21 million down payment for the Palazzo Marini in Rome. The palazzo is being sold for $170 million. 

It’s a pretty expansive complex, comprising four separate blocks that take up the entire side of the Piazza San Silvestro in central Rome. It’s prime real estate too, as it’s just a few blocks away from the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, and the Via Condotti, the home of Italian luxury brands like Gucci and Prada. 

The purchase papers, which are on public record but only accessible in person, were viewed by the Daily Beast. And according to the publication, the renovation budget for the palazzo is listed at $120 million. With this budget, Gates and his billionaire Saudi investor partner would convert the 17th-century palazzo into a lavish luxury hotel with 100 rooms. 

Considering the size of the property, those rooms would likely be large and extremely luxurious. They would also likely cost an arm and a leg.

Bill Gates is among the world’s most prolific billionaires. Passionate about the climate and one of the most prominent voices for vaccines, Gates is mostly seen as a benevolent tech mogul who is only here to help. Yet behind the rosy press releases and projects, Gates still seems to be the same aggressive businessman that made Microsoft into the tech giant that it is today. 

Over the years, Gates slowly but steadily acquired farmland in the United States, and by January 2021, he already held the title of the largest owner of farmland in the country. His recent purchases in North Dakota were so notable that people in the area reportedly complained, according to Agricultural Commissioner Doug Goehring. 

And now, Gates is flexing his real estate chops once more — this time by making a six-star hotel in the heart of Rome. 

Can’t say it’s out of character. 

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