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Fun But Dangerous? The GOAT Tom Brady Shocks Football Fans With Bike Ride Adventure

AwwsomeFun But Dangerous? The GOAT Tom Brady Shocks Football Fans With Bike Ride Adventure

It turns out one of the perks of living in New York City as an NFL fan is seeing the GOAT Tom Brady enjoying his weekend riding a bike.   

The Buccaneers quarterback filmed one of his bike-riding adventures on Saturday and shared it on social media. In the short video, Brady showed off his cool outfit, a rental bike that took him 10 minutes to unlock, and a few shots of some streets.  

However, Brady’s fun time left some of his fans worried. The GOAT was not wearing a helmet!

Well, he’s probably just showing his fans how tough he is. After all, he is not retiring anytime soon. He will still be playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his 23rd NFL Season.  

The city has no law about wearing a helmet while riding a bike, but Brady’s fans are still shocked to see him cycling around without any protection on his head.  

According to CBS Sports, the GOAT’s fans have mixed opinions about his social media post. Some expressed worry about Brady’s well-being, while others thought that riding a bike unprotected was not a good example for the kids.  

It seems Brady loves to shock his fans with his adventures. In 2015, he scared some NFL fans when he decided to go cliff-diving in Costa Rica. He did it again when he went skiing down a double-black diamond slope in Montana the following year.  

Regardless, Brady definitely had some fun that day! He even captioned his post “BEST MORNING EVER.”

Maybe his fans can let this one go, just for the good vibes.

Plus, football fans will see him wearing a football helmet soon anyway. 


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