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Sleepy Joe Biden Is Close To The “Point Of No Return” With Americans On The Economy, Fake News CNN Admits

PoliticsSleepy Joe Biden Is Close To The “Point Of No Return” With Americans On The Economy, Fake News CNN Admits

Sleepy Joe is tanking the economy hard, so much so that even liberal media is being forced to admit that he’s messing up. 

Take fake news CNN, for example. The outlet is as far left as you can go, and its reputation for fake news is established. But in a recent report, the media outlet admitted that Sleepy Joe is just about at the “point of no return” with Americans when it comes to the economy. 

The results of CNN’s recent poll on Biden. [Image Credit: CNN]

CNN came to this conclusion after it held a poll that showed that Brandon’s efforts to highlight the strong parts of the economy post-pandemic as a way to offset the blame for the screwed-up parts of the economy are simply not working

The fake news outlet pointed to inflation as the main culprit for Sleepy Joe’s screw-up with the economy. But perhaps the reasons are much simpler. Brandon just sucks, and perhaps he’s not fit to lead the United States after all. 

Americans consider the economy a key concern for the midterm elections. [Image Credit: The Trafalgar Group]

Even distractions like the leaked Roe v. Wade draft opinion, which the dems seem to be pushing as a way to divert issues away from Sleepy Joe’s economic screw-up, don’t seem to be working. As per Breitbart, a poll revealed that voters consider the economy as the most important issue in the midterm elections. 

What this means is a potential nightmare scenario for the dems this coming midterms. As perfectly said by fake news CNN:  

“The result is a looming political disaster for Democrats, with voters in a disgruntled mood ahead of midterm elections that were already historically tough for a first-term President,” CNN wrote. 

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