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Loser Dan O’Dowd Wants to Ban American-Made Tesla’s Full Self-Driving System Through Painfully Stupid Senate Bid

ScienceLoser Dan O’Dowd Wants to Ban American-Made Tesla’s Full Self-Driving System Through Painfully Stupid Senate Bid

Dan O’Dowd, the man behind Green Hills Software and an aspiring senator for California, is focusing his entire campaign on one goal: stopping Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system from operating on public roads. 

The FSD Beta program has been going on since late 2020, and there have been no injuries related to the system so far despite its user base growing to over 100,000 drivers. This is because Tesla really makes it clear that operating the system is a hands-on process that requires constant attention.

Users of FSD Beta are screened for safe driving habits, so as long as the operator of the cars has a working brain, the system is safe to use. 

But that’s not enough for Dan O’Dowd. The guy’s been trying his hardest to rally against Tesla and Elon Musk on Twitter, to little success. Maybe it’s because O’Dowd cherry-picks his data to show FSD Beta in a bad light consistently, or maybe it’s just because he has the personality of a doorknob. 

And now, O’Dowd’s gone ahead and escalated his efforts to stop Tesla’s FSD. After releasing anti-Tesla TV ads, O’Dowd’s gone ahead and filed for his candidacy for CA’s senate. Thing is, this guy doesn’t even want to win the seat. According to a report from Politico, O’Dowd decided to file for candidacy simply because it would help him save money to slander Tesla and possibly shield himself from libel. 

“O’Dowd’s play for the Senate is likely being carried out as a cost-saving measure and to significantly enhance the likelihood that networks will air his TV spots. Running for office entitles him to the lowest available ad rate in the run-up to the election… But a bigger advantage is the higher degree of first amendment protection a political run could give him for his loaded claims against Tesla,” wrote Politico.

To be fair, achieving autonomous driving is hard. But once it does, it could help so many people, like those who have disabilities or those who experience PTSD when driving. It’s also a big win for America since Tesla is a company founded and grown in American soil, and it’s currently far ahead of European and Chinese automakers in autonomous driving technology. 

Dan O’Dowd doesn’t care about all this, of course, because he’s an asshole. 

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